ADA Wheel-Through Arcade

ADA “Wheel Thru Arcade” Play Structure

Fun Horizontal Ladder For Wheelchair Accessibility

The ADA Wheel-Through Arcade is a free-standing horizontal ladder for special needs kids in wheelchairs.

Our ADA “Wheel-Thru Arcade” makes playgrounds more accessible, inclusive, and fun! Kids love monkey bars and this Wheel-Thru Arcade allows everyone to join in on the fun. This horizontal ladder allows kids to build strength in their upper body, arms, and shoulders while having a blast. Development of these groups of muscles is very important in children. Kids develop these muscles largely from using play equipment such as overhead ladders like the Wheel-Thru Arcade. Aside from being a great workout our ADA “Wheel-Thru Arcade” meets all guidelines for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) making it ideal for children in wheel chairs. The Wheel-Thru Arcade is accessible to any child and specially designed to be accessible to children with special needs. This sturdy play structure is made of Galvanized steel and comes in a large variety of powder-coated paint colors. The quality of this product assures years of excellent use without serious wear. Being galvanized, the steel is not likely to rust keeping it safe and sturdy for children’s use. The dimensions for the Wheel-Thru Arcade are: 3 feet wide x 10 feet long x 4 feet 5 inches high. The necessary use zone is 16 feet x 22 feet. Perfect for children ages 4 – 12.
More information can be viewed on the manufacturer’s website by clicking this link.

Adding the Wheel Thru Arcade to your playground would make for a more inclusive and overall fun atmosphere for all children!

Price: $1,450.00     Weight: 190 lbs.     Unit# 381-115.

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