The Spin-tastic Favorites Return, in 4 Different Models

Our 8-foot Merry Go Round comes in two different models depending on your playground surfacing. The Wheelchair Accessible design (pictured) is purposed to hold up to two wheelchairs safely in place, more information below
6 foot merry go round/ merry-go-rounds
Our 6-foot merry-go-round offers big-time fun in a small package.
8 foot merry-go-round/ merry-go-rounds
With 4 hand-holds to grab onto, our 8-foot merry-go-round brings mid-size fun to the masses.

Merry-Go-Rounds (Any Surface) (3 Sizes)

These Merry Go Rounds are designed to go on all surfaces but are not specifically designed for wheelchairs

 6′ Diameter Merry-Go-Round
Item Number: 301-142
Size: 6′ x 6′. Use Zone: 18′ x 18′
Number of hand-holds: 3
Weight: 400 lbs.
Price: $1,966.00
 8′ Diameter Merry-Go-Round
Item Number: 301-143
Size: 8′ x 8′. Use Zone: 20′ x 20′
Number of hand-holds: 4
Weight: 600 lbs.
Price: Please phone us.

 10′ Diameter Merry-Go-Round
Item Number: 301-146
Size: 10′. Use zone: 22′ x 22′
Number of hand-holds: 6
Weight: 800 lbs.
Price: Please phone us.

Merry-Go-Round (PIP only) (1 Size)

This Merry Go Round is specially designed for children in wheelchairs and goes with Poured-in-Place surfacing

8′ Diameter Wheelchair Accessible Merry-Go-Round
Item Number: 301-147
Size: 8’ x 8′. Use Zone: 20′ x 20′
Capacity: 10–12 children, including two wheelchairs
Weight: 700 lbs.
Price: Please phone us

A true playground classic the Merry-Go-Round is always a favorite among children. The Merry-Go-Round provides the thrill of high speeds and the wind through your hair in a safe environment. Spinning in circles provides an inexplicable amount of entertainment for kids and adults alike. Each one is easily accessible for children. Our superb Merry-Go-Rounds come in three sizes. They are available in 10’ diameter,8’ diameter, and 6’ diameter. They are all made from high quality steel, which makes for a durable and long lasting product. Each Merry-Go-Round is powder-coat painted in bright colors. The available color combinations available are: bright red and yellow, or green and tan.
We all know how dangerous too much speed can be. So parents need not worry. As a safety aspect each Merry-Go-Round has a speed governor attached to the underside which limits the speed and prevents kids from going dangerously fast. These Merry-Go-Rounds are specially designed to be used by children ages 5 to 12 years old.