Plastic Border Timbers

Plastic Border Timbers

Instant playground border systems, easy to install

Online Special! 4-Foot by 12-Inch Black Timbers
1 to 40: $28.85 each  41 and above: Please phone
Price includes spikes — other companies sell them separately!

plastic border timbers
The plastic border timbers overlap and connect with a 30-inch steel spike. And presto, you’re done!

Our sturdy plastic playground borders are the best way to retain playground surfacing in place. Just line them up where you want them to go, secure them with a vertical spike (included), and voila, your new border system is in place. The border timbers provide a retaining barrier for loose-fill resilient surfacing and add a finished edge to the play area. They’re easy to install, even in your backyard. To make the border systems ADA-compliant, just add an ADA entrance ramp and engineered wood fiber surfacing. They also make great sandboxes, dirt boxes, landscape borders and flower boxes.

ada plastic border timbers
4-foot x 12 inch black plastic border  Colors: black and green (others via special order)
plastic border timbers
4-Foot, 8-Inch High Plastic Timbers Colors: black only. Shown here with spike.
Plastic timber 6 foot
6-Foot Plastic Timber (12″ high)Available in black

The plastic timbers come in two lengths: four (4) foot and six (6) foot, which include one and two spikes, respectively. The 4-foot models come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty! Heights available include 12 inches and 9 inches.

Plastic timber, playground border, landscape timber
Plastic timbers are splinter free, unlike wood, and they require no expertise or special tools to do a professional looking job. They’re also easy to move and re-install. Also, plastic timbers contain playground surfacing (like woodchips) in a defined area. Finally, they create a visually pleasing border to any area.
Plastic timber, playground border, landscape timber
The colors available depend on the length of the border that you need. For the 4-foot long borders in heights of 12 inches or 9 inches, black or green are readily available. Other colors are available, by special order.

For 6-inch tall borders, only brown is available.
Plastic timber, playground border, landscape timber
The ends overlap, and the timbers are fastened with 30-inch galvanized spikes. Line the timbers up, drive the spike into the ground using a mallet or sledgehammer, and that’s it!
Plastic timber, playground border, landscape timber
Lengths available: 4 feet and 6 feet.  Width: all borders are 4 inches wide. Heights available:
• 12 inches (for 4-foot or 6-foot timbers)
• 9 inches (4-foot length only)
Plastic timber, playground border, landscape timber
Our plastic timbers are made from hollow polyethylene, with molded-in ribs for strength. That makes them incredibly durable.

Plastic timber and playground border prices.PLEASE NOTE:  The price of our plastic timbers includes spikes. Many other companies that sell plastic timbers don’t do this, thus giving customers the impression that their prices are lower than they really are.
Price Per timber
Four-Foot Plastic Timbers
Plastic timber, playground border - 4 foot
12 inch height, One black 4′ timber +1 spike
Six-Foot Plastic Timbers
Plastic timber, playground border - 4 foot
One 6′ Black timber (12 inch height) +2 spikes

Every 4′ plastic timber includes one 30″ spike for fixing in place. Every 6′ plastic timber comes with 2 spikes.†Please note that pricing does not include shipping. Please also note that timber design may vary slightly from the designs shown above.

Bulk purchases of orders of 20+ timbers may be eligible for discounts.