Play Runners Access Matting

Our Play Runners matting system improves special needs access to your playground in the blink of an eye.

Play Runners are an ADA-compliant ground access matting system. Roll it out on your playground and let special needs kids join in all the fun. Our runners provide a roll-out pathway that can be used by individuals of all abilities (pedestrians and wheelchair access), as well as strollers.

Play Runners have been specifically developed for use in permanent or temporary recreation access applications. They can be anchored in the ground for permanent use, or just rolled out and rolled back up on a temporary basis. The matting has grommets along the sides every 6 feet, and it comes with an 18-inch steel spike for each grommet, to secure the matting in the ground.

The Play Runners have a ridged surface, to prevent slipping. So, kids can walk and run on it, and crutches and wheel chairs won’t have a problem gripping it.

Play Runner matting systems also promote access by any wheeled vehicle, including baby strollers, tricycles, even wheelbarrows.

Play Surfacing Compatibility This matting can be used on any play surfacing — wood chips, engineered wood fiber, rubber mulch, pea gravel, even sand. Whatever materials you use to protect your kids from falls on your play area, this great matting system brings a level, easy-step surface to it. Note: Play Runners must be used over an existing protective surface. Alone, they do not offer enough protection for use as a playground surface.

Widths Available 5 feet wide or 6 feet wide

Lengths Available Minimum 10 feet. There’s no maximum length — however much you need, we can make it.

Thickness Approx. 3/16″ thick

Colors Available Red or blue

Play Runners Ground Matting System
$7.50 per square foot, plus shipping.
Minimum order: 10 feet
Example: 10 feet of Play Runner costs $75.00 + shipping (either 5′ or 6′ width)

Our Play Runners matting systems are ready to ship to you,  in any length you need.