Rotating Play Climbers

Cable-Based Climbing Structures That Spin in Place!
What Could be Better?


special needs climber apollo mini/ Rotating Play Climbers Apollo Mini
Fits 15 kids up to age 5
apollo full size rotating climber/ Rotating Play ClimbersApollo Full-Size
Fits 35 kids ages 5 to 12
Quad Pods
quad pods rotating climber/ Rotating Play ClimbersFits 40 kids ages 5 to 12

Kids love thinking outside the box and using their imaginations. Traditional climbing equipment can limit a child’s ability to use their imagination. Rigid structures and single direction movement can become boring after a while, however with our accessible rotating play climbers are always exciting! They incorporates all of the fun of merry-go-rounds with vertical climbing. This is the perfect equipment for creating an inviting atmosphere for creative and fun loving children. These cable climbing structures have plenty of space for children to get on and off making them highly accessible to children. Our rotating play climbers come in a variety of sizes for different age groups. For the little kids we have the Apollo mini, perfect for children age 5 and under. For kids ages 5 to 12, and for large classes of kids who love to use their imaginations and have the maximum amount of fun, we have our quad pod units. The quad pods are larger and allow for higher volume groups of children. It might sound dangerous to have kids climbing while moving up and down the structures, but the spinning speed is regulated by a special mechanism. This allows kids to feel the freedom and thrill of having the wind in their hair without dangerous spinning speeds. The play climbers allow for vertical climbing on various types of net climbers that are securely attached to the rotating base. If you are looking for play equipment that encourages a good workout and lots of fun for your kids while promoting the use of their imaginations these rotating play climbers may be the perfect piece of playground equipment for your play space.