Special Needs Zipline

Special Needs Zipline by TracForm

They can swing, slide and now they can ZIP!!!!!

Our SPECIAL NEEDS ZIPLINES are sure to lighten up any playground and be the delight of every kid. What better way for a child to have more fun than to ZIP across the playground! Each special needs zipline also comes with an interchangeable Disc Seat ( 9- ¾” Diameter) and an adaptive swing seat for special needs children. These ziplines are jolt-free and a 6-wheel trolley allows children to easily zip from one end to the other. These playground ziplines come in three track sizes: 34′, 50′ and 66′.


  • Secure Aluminum Top rail
  • Engineered Smooth Trolley System for easy riding
  • A Non-Slip Saddle Clamp System
  • Interchangeable Disc Seat ( 9- ¾” Diameter) and ADA Wheelchair Seat
  • Three differnt Track Lengths: 34’, 50’, and 66’
  • Decking: Constructed out of non-skid, 5/8” HDPE Industrial Marine Grade Plastic
  • TracForm ziplines meets ASTM/CPSC Guidelines
  • These ziplines offer a fun, exciting experience that builds confidence and prepares children for future challenges

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TracForm Zipline Pricing List (adaptive swing seat price included)

TracForm Zipline Single

special needs zipline

Description Price
Single Tracform 34' Rail $10,670.00
Single Tracform 50' Rail $12,270.00
SingleTracform 66' Rail $14,270.00

TracForm Zipline Double

special needs zipline double

Description Price
Double Tracform 34' Rail $17,870.00
Double Tracform 50' Rail $21,270.00
Double Tracform 66' Rail $25,270.00

TracForm Zipline Triple

special needs zipline triple track

Description Price
Triple Tracform 34' Rail $24,670.00
Triple Tracform 50' Rail $29,670.00
Tripple Tracform 66' Rail $35,170.00

Our prices include the Adaptive Swing Seat for special needs children

adaptive swing seat
A smooth design and spacious seating area of the adaptive swing seat provides a comfortable and appealing seat for your play area.The Adaptive Swing Seat meets ADA standards. This item comes as a complete unit, including a seat, harness and chain, which allows for easy installation. This ADA compliant item has a seating area of 18" wide and 25" high. The overall dimensions of the adaptive swing seat are 33" wide and 38" high and it is offered in six different colors! This seat is designed to support children ages 12 and under who weigh no more than 125 pounds.