Swing Set Seats and Parts

Swing Seats and Replacement Parts

ada swing set partsCommercial swing components and swing parts, from the top suppliers in the playground business. These commercial swing parts are tough, durable, and reasonably priced. You’ll like our commercial swing seats, swing hangers, swing chains, and other swing parts so much, we think you’ll order swing parts from us time and again! Your swing components get put to the test every day by the kids at your school or daycare, so make sure you get top quality swing seats, hangers, and chains from us. They’re easy to install, with only basic playground tools. We even offer playground safety mats and ADA compliant swing seats and parts, for all your playground component needs. So, you can rely on our company for commercial swing parts and components that stand up to the test of time — and the kids!

Swing Seats
These seats meet all your ADA requirements. Swing chains are sold separately. To attach the seat to the swing chains, you will need fasteners (see below). For purchasing information, please phone us toll free. Some ADA seat packages must ship via motor freight.
ada adaptive swing seatsAdaptive Swing Seat – Complete Seat
special needs seat with yokeSpecial Needs
Seat with Yoke

Commercial Swing Chains
We offer 3 types of commercial swing chains: uncoated, rubber-dipped, and soft-grip coated. We recommend coated chains, to avoid pinching kids’ fingers. To attach the chain to a swing seat or a swing hanger on the structure, you’ll need a fastener.
Swing Chains - Plain
3/16" Proof Uncoated Coil Chain is tough for your playground and made in the USA!3/16″ Proof
Coil Chain

Available in 2 different lengths: 5.5 feet or 8 feet. Made in USA.
Swing Chains - Plastisol - Playground Parts
3/16" Plastisol Coated Chain is tough for your playground and made in the USA!Plastisol Coated
Chain (3/16″)

Lengths available:
5’6″ length
8′ length
Swing Chains - Plastisol - Playground Parts
Soft Grip Tube Chain
Chain embedded in lengths of rubber. Colors: blue, yellow, or green. Chain length: 5′ long.
Protective Swing Mats
Swing parts, swingparts, swingset parts, Playground Swing Mat
Bevelled Swing Safety Mat

Commercial Swing Hangers
These swing hangers attach to the play structure, and you hang swing chains from them. These hangers are heavy-duty cast ductile iron, with Oilite bronze bushings. You will need two hangers for each swing (one per chain). To attach swing chains to the swing hanger, you will need fasteners (see below), except for the E-Z Hang models, which have a built-in pendulum with an opening mechanism.
Commercial Swing Hanger - Iron
Iron Swing Hanger

For wooden beam.
Fastens with 2 hex bolts (sold at your local hardware store).
Swing hanger with clevis for wooden structures.

NEW! For wooden beam. Fastens with 1 carriage bolt. Built-in steel shackle pendulum.
Commercial Swing Hanger - Steel
Steel Swing Hanger

For hanging swings from a wood beam. Uses 1 carriage bolt to attach to the beam.
Swing Hanger "EZ-Hang"
E-Z Hang (with Clamp)

For horizontal pipes. The built-in clevis connects directly to the top of the vertical swing chain (no H-shackles or S-hook needed).
2-3/8″ diameter
3-1/2″ diameter
Commercial Swing Hanger - Pipe
Pipe Swing Hanger
Hang your swings from horizontal pipes with this tough swing hanger. It has a closed-loop pendulum.
2-3/8″ diameter
3-1/2″ diameter
 Swing Hanger "EZ-Hang"
NEW! Non-Wrap
Swing E-Z Hanger
The hanger shifts within the rubber sleeve, so mischievous kids can’t wrap swing seats around the horizontal bar. Diameters available:
• 2-3/8″ (#SH-116)
• 3-1/2″ (#SH-126)