Accessible Swing Sets

Accessible Swing Sets

Give your kids fun, sturdy swings to play on

Accessible swingset structures and swings are available here for your commercial playgrounds and home recreation areas. We carry a full line of swingsets, from heavy duty 8-seat models to basic backyard 1-seaters. They’re very sturdy, strong enough to carry both children or fully grown adults. All swings come with plated chain, stamped steel hangers, and S-hook fasteners. In the MD – DC – VA area, we install all of the special needs swing set models shown below. That said, if you’re outside our work area, these swing sets aren’t difficult to install; some of them don’t even need concrete.
ADA Accessible Swing Sets
single seat ada swing setChild Swing Set with
Single ADA Seat
double seat ada swing set Child Swing Set with
2 ADA Seats
ada wheelchair platform with frame swing set Swing Set with
1 ADA Platform
swingset_ada_moldedseatandwheelchairplatformSwing Set with
1 Seat and 1 Platform
playgroundequipment_swingsets_sportsplay_2platformsSwing Set with
2 ADA Platforms
ada swing set frame 2 baysSwing Set Frame, 2 Bays
(No Swings Included)

playgroundequipment_swingsets_sportsplay_frame_3bays Swing Set Frame, 3 Bays
(No Swings Included)

ada swing platformADA Swing Platform
(No Frame Included)
“Biggo” Swing Sets, for Multiple Users
Easy Access to a Large, Central Swing Seat
special needs swingset structuresBiggo Flyer Solo (One Seat) swingset structures for special needsBiggo Flyer Duo
(2 Seats)
special needs swingset structuresBiggo Flyer Trio
(3 Seats)
Single Support Swing Structures
With 1 Post at Both Ends of the Structure
Adaptable for ADA Use
ada swingset structureHeavy Duty
“T” Swingsets
special needs swingset structuresSingle Arch Swing
Multi-Support Swing Structures
With 2 or More Posts at Both Ends of the Structure
Adaptable for ADA Use
swingset structures for special needsBipod Primary
special needs swingset structuresTripod Primary
Special Needs Swing Set Accessories
swing set protective matsBevelled Swing
Safety Mats