Accessible Swing Set Frame (2 Bays for swings)

Accessible Swing Set (Frame Only)

Add 2 of Your Own ADA Swings to This Heavy Duty Structure

accessible swing set frame
Accessible Swing Set Frame (2 Bays), Unit# 581-484F. Note: This unit does not include swings


This heavy commercial-grade swing set structures has two bays. It is designed for use with ADA swings and/or wheelchair platforms (not included). The unit is a modern bipod structure (note the curved swing yokes that connect the vertical posts to the horizontal beam). This structure has 6 vertical posts and 2 separate swing bays. It includes swing set hangers (eight of them), but it does not include any swings or other parts (chains or fasteners/connectors).

However, we also sell a 2-Bay ADA Swing Set with 2 Wheelchair Platforms and a 2-Bay ADA Swing Set with 1 Wheelchair Platform and 1 ADA Seat. To see our selection of ADA swing seats, just click here.

Manufacturer: SportsPlay Frame height: 8 feet Horizontal pipe diameter: 2-3/8″

Size: 23.5′ x 8′ x 6.5′ Use Zone: 32′ x 35.5′ Weight: 300 lbs.

Item Number: 581-484F Price Please phone us