Accessible Swing Set with 2 Platforms


Accessible Swing Set with 2 Platforms

Twice the Swing Fun for 2 Visitors in Wheelchairs

Accessible Swing Set with Dual Wheelchair Platforms (Unit# 581-482)

Give your special needs playground the accessibility it needs. This sturdy commercial-grade swing set structures has two separate wheelchair platforms.

The unit is a modern bipod structure (note the curved swing yokes that connect the vertical posts to the horizontal beam). This structure has 6 vertical posts and 2 separate swing bays. It includes the following elements:

• Two (2) Heavy Duty Platform Swing, for ADA users and wheelchairs. Weight capacity: 700 lbs. Each wheelchair platform accommodates one (1) standard adult wheelchair measuring 30″ W x 48 ” L. Standard entry for adult accessible playground structures is 36″. Optional swing chain available, to allow platform users to propel themselves

• All of the parts that you need to set the system up. This includes four (4) swing hangers, that attach to the horizontal pipe; eight (8) vertical swing chains; and sixteen (16) swing fasteners to connect the chains to the hangers above and the wheelchair platforms below. You can upgrade to sturdier parts and plastic-dipped chains for only a few dollars more per swing.

Manufacturer: SportsPlay Frame height: 8 feet Horizontal pipe diameter: 2-3/8″

Size: 20′ x 8′ x 6.5′ Use Zone: 32′ x 32′ Weight: 615 lbs.

Item Number: 581-482 Price Please phone us