ADA Play Panel Structure Kiddie Korral

ADA Play Panel Structure | Kiddie Korral

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The Kiddie Korral offers 7 fun play panels , including a music panel, a mirror panel, and a steering panel.

The ADA Play Panel Structure Kiddie Korral is a whole loop of fun (and that’s not a typo). This great ground-level play unit has 7 different activity panels that will keep your kids busy for hours touching, spinning, driving and even spelling. The multitude of panels provides a variety of options on the playground and encourages kids to not only have fun but learn at the same time! The 7 play panels are:

• Spinner Maze Panel
• Mirror Panel
• Dual Driving Panel
• Music Panel
• Dino Spin Panel
• Alphabet Panel
• Bubble Panel

The Kiddie Korral is made from low density polyethylene, a tough, hard plastic that does not break or splinter. The posts are made from galvanized steel. This is a very durable and high quality product that is safe for kids to use even after years of use. It’s best for kids ages 2 to 5 years. Its dimensions are 10 feet wide by 10 across x 3.5 feet high. Weight: 611 lbs.

Price: $5,816.00 (Unit# 902-880)
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