ADA Swing Seat with Yoke

ADA Swing Seat with Yoke

The Ideal Special Needs Seat for Playground Use, for $499.99

specialneeds_seatwithyokeThis sturdy plastic special needs seat brings the strength your playground needs, along with the safety it deserves — an overhead yoke that lowers into place. The seat comes with interior harness. The body of the swing seat is made from roto-molded plastic.  It’s solid, sturdy, and heavy. A removable harness is also available (at additional cost), for strapping the user into place. This seat is available in several different colors: red, blue, green, yellow, black.

Construction: The seat and yoke are both made from sturdy roto-molded plastic. The yoke has a unique locking system, so it stays in place.

Exterior dimensions:

  • 49″ vertical
  • 20-1/4″ horizontal

Interior dimensions (seating area)

  • Back support measures 26-1/2″ vertical
  • Sitting surface measures 13″ across and 9″ deep
  • Leg area measures 13-1/2″ vertical and 11″ across

Hardware: All of the hardware is made from stainless steel, to prevent rust except the attaching chain). The point where the eye bolts attach to the seat has special reinforcement, to help prevent breakage.

specialneeds_seatwithyoke_dimensions_300Chains: The seat comes with the angled chains that attach directly to the seat and meet at a fulcrum point above the seat. You’ll also receive the double clevis connectors to which the angled chains attach at that fulcrum point. But, you will need to order separately the vertical chains that attach from the fulcrum point to the swing hanger on the swing set structure. (The vertical chains also attach to the double clevis.) If this sounds confusing, it’s actually pretty simple — please see the diagram on this page titled “Chain Attachment.”

If your swing set frame is 6 feet high,you’ll need to purchase 2 additional pieces of chain each 1/2-foot long. If your swing set frame is 8 feet high,you’ll need to purchase 2 additional pieces of chain 2-1/2 feet long.  If your swing set frame is 10 feet high,you’ll need to purchase 2 additional pieces of chain each 4-1/2 feet long.

Age range: For children ages 5 – 12 years old only. Not designed for adults.

Weight limit: 200 lbs. Designed for use by children, not adults.

Seat capacity: 1 child.

specialneeds_seatwithyoke_groupColors available: Red, blue, green, yellow, black

Price: $895

If you have any other questions about this great seat, just phone us today toll free.

seat with yoke chain diagram