Apollo Rotating Play Climber (Full-Size)

Full-Size Apollo Rotating Play Climber

Blast Off to World-Spinning Fun for 35 Kids!

playgroundequipment_climbers_apollo/ Full-Size Apollo Rotating Play Climber
You’ve got 35 kids to entertain, and you want to make sure that all of your playground equipment is accessible to all children. What do you give them? The Apollo Rotating Play Climber!

This hilarious play unit places a conical net structure over a rotating play platform, letting kids climb and spin in a hundred different ways. Most importantly, the netting at the platform level has a large opening for special needs kids to enter and exit the unit easily. The platform is about 11 feet across, and the netting is almost 13 feet tall, so the opportunities for fun are sky-high. This large structure allows for a lot of kids to safely use the structure together. The platform spins, but the pace is regulated by a special piece of equipment mounted on the bottom of the platform that prevents it from moving too quickly.

So when you think fun for 35, what do you think? The Apollo Rotating Play Climber!

Ages 5 to 12 years   Capacity 35 kids
Platform Diameter 10’10” across   Use Zone 28’7″
Netting Height 12’8″ feet   Fall Height 9’3″

Apollo Full-Size Rotating Play Climber With Floor
Unit# DX-2100F