Mini Rotating Climber

Mini Rotating Climber

A Spinning Wonder for Special Needs Kids Up to Age 5

special needs climber apollo mini
The Apollo Mini Rotating Climber has a large entrance in the steel cables for special needs kids,. It’s easy to enter and exit this play unit.

The Apollo Mini is the perfect rotating climber for the pre-school age group (up to age 5).

This strong net-based climber rotate in place, using kid power (not motorized). But unlike the hundred-miles-an-hour merry-go-rounds of our youth, the Apollo Mini has a special bearing system that controls the rotation speed so that children can safely enjoy the same exhilarating spinning experience without the risk.

The steel-reinforced soft nylon ropes provide lots of places for the children to hang onto, and our solid-deck floor provides a safe place for children of all ages or abilities to join in the fun. At the horizontal surface, a large opening is cut into the exterior cable system, giving special needs kids plenty of room for accessing and exiting the play unit.

Recommended Ages 18 months to 5 years     Capacity 15 children

Dimensions 8 feet high x 6’7″ diameter    Fall Height 4’9″

Use Zone 19’8″ diameter (includes 6 feet in all directions about the climber)

Apollo Mini Rotating Climber With Floor
Unit# DX-1200