Quad Pods Rotating Climber

Quad Pods Rotating Climber

The Greatest Play Invention Since the Refrigerator Box!

quad pods rotating climber

This innovative rotating climber puts a new spin on interactive play. Users can push, walk, run, sit, stand or lie down while spinning on the large platform or take a ride in one of 4 spinning pods, or climb and reach out for higher adventures. Your kids will think they’re on the deck of an intergalactic spaceship with all the fun events going on, while they have double the spin fun. And there’s plenty of space between the play events for special needs kids to enter and exit the platform.

The platform of this unit is almost 14 feet across, giving the Quad Pods unit room for 40 kids! Put a whole classroom of kids on this, and spin them in 100 different ways.

Built with an exclusive speed-limiting bearing and within a three-dimensional play area, this game provides a safe, yet exhilarating experience. You’ll quickly see why future historians of the early 21st century will look back and call this the greatest play invention since the refrigerator box!

Manufacturer Dynamo Playgrounds
Capacity 40 kids   Ages 5 to 12 years
Height 9 feet   Diameter (across) 13 feet 6 inches
Fall Height 4’11”   Use zone 29’6″ (diameter)

Quad Pods Rotating Climber (Unit# DX-2400)