Swing Safety Mats

Swing Safety Mats

swing safety mats

For extra protection on your playground, you can trust these heavy duty swing safety mats. We recommend them for use under swingsets, at the end of slides, and on other high-impact areas. These special needs playground mats are made from 100% rubber, and they measure 3’4″ long by 3’4″ wide by 1.5″ thick. The edges are angled, to reduce tripping and contact points. We also recommend them for preventing erosion under swings from kids’ feet dragging on the ground.

Safety advisory: These swing safety mats should only be used when placed on top of a loose-fill resilient surfacing, like wood chips or engineered wood fiber carpeting. They do not meet playground safety requirements if they are just placed over a hard surfacing (e.g., concrete, blacktop).

Price: $185.00 each (Unit# SWG-00005)

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