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Special Needs Playground Equipment

playground equipmentSpecial Needs Playground Equipment sells a wide range of certified play items, parts, supplies, and surfacing. Our products are perfect for use at schools, daycares, religious organizations, home play areas, and more. We have special needs play structures, swingsets and swing parts, fitness equipment, sand tables, and much more.

We also sell engineered wood fiber, an organic playground surfacing that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We also sell a wide variety of commercial playground equipment.

paint station

Commercial Play Structures
ADA Wheel-Thru Arcade
Free-Standing Fun Panels
Paint Station

Special needs playground equipment, structures, parts, ADA ramps
playground equipment for special needs

Sports Equipment
Adjustable Basketball Goals
ADA Funball

Special needs swingset
Special Needs Swingsets for Commercial or Home Use
ADA Ramps
Playground ADA Ramps
Playground Entrance Ramps
ADA swingseats
Swingset Seats & Parts
ADA Picnic tables, mats, signs
Site Amenities
ADA Picnic Tables
Playground Safety Mats
ADA Playground Signs
ADA sand and water tables
Sand and Water Fun
Sand and Water Tables
ADA Sandbox Diggers
Aqua Blocks
Sand & Sand Products
ADA compliant  mulch
Playground Surfacing
Engineered Wood Fiber (ADA Compliant)
Did you know? The IRS offers a $10,000 credit to businesses for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Find out how the Disabled Access Tax Credit can benefit your playground.

special needs playground equipment, special needs play
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